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  • Note taking apps, second brains and writing

    About the search for the best note taking app and second brains.

  • To The Best of Our Knowledge Podcast

    Since May or June, I’ve enjoyed “To the Best of Our Knowledge,” particularly episodes like “Solace of Nature” on nature’s impact on us and “The Weird, Wild World of Mushrooms,” featuring mycologist Paul Stamets. Inspired, I watched “The Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our World” to explore fungi’s crucial environmental roles.

  • IDEO Podcast on the future of food

    Today I found out from [IDEO’s blog]( about their podcast where they discuss the topic of food and how the future looks like for it. Just the fact that it comes from IDEO makes me want to see what it’s all about. It has 8 episodes so far, around 25 minutes each. The podcast can…