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Today I found out from [IDEO’s blog]( about their podcast where they discuss the topic of food and how the future looks like for it. Just the fact that it comes from IDEO makes me want to see what it’s all about. It has 8 episodes so far, around 25 minutes each. The podcast can be found here:, with transcripts for each episode.

I have listened to the first episode, and I am adding a few ideas here.

The main question of the podcast is “How might we design better food systems?” Another question that it discusses is “how does climate change affect the way we produce and consume food”?

I will add a few updates and probably turn them into separate notes as I listen to the rest of the podcast

First episode

How do we connect with food – main three ways: shop, cook and eat. We don’t think about the systems behind getting the food on our plate.

13 mil children in the US go hungry every year, although almost 40% of the food produced goes to waste.

When restaurants, school cafeterias and coffee shops closed – or reduced their activity – due to the covid-19 pandemic, farmers were also hard hit. A lot of their products remained unused and they had to dispose of them when their biggest clients no longer needed these products.

Our current food system has lead to the loss of biodiversity, rise in factory farms, chemicals in soil, and release of greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

The current food system is responsible for 25% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr Ricardo Salvador, director of the food and environment programme at the union of concerned scientists, who was a guest on the show said:

“The food system isn’t broken. It is working exactly as it’s intended to work. And exactly as it was designed.”


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