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I think in May or June I found out about a great podcast called To the Best of Our Knowledge. I’ve been listening to it since then, and I remember that the first episode that I listened to is called “Solace of Nature“. In that episode they talked about the way nature influences our life, how it can offer us contemplative experiences.

I continued with another episode called “The Weird, Wild World of Mushrooms“. In this episode one of the guests was Paul Stamets, a mycologist on whom a character from “Star Trek: Discovery” was based on. The character even shares his name and has a similar job, but with a twist: he’s an astromycologist. This episode was also a good starting point for me to check out a documentary on Curiosity Stream called “The Kingdom: How Fungi Made Our World. You should check it out if you would like to know more about the importance of fungi and their relationship with the environment, trees, plants and even humans.


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