Posting From Ulysses to WordPress – Connection Refused Fix

I was trying to configure Ulysses to post stuff directly from it. I was looking at issues that I thought were stemming from the fact that I disabled xmlrpc.php. After I spent an hour trying different things, I thought that maybe the issue isn’t at all coming from how the site is configured.

I remembered that a lot of the things on the web get fixed by clearing the cache. So I did just that. I use a plugin called “LiteSpeed Cache” for caching the site. I purged everything from it and now I am able to connect Ulysses to my blog.

LiteSpeed Cache was caching the plugins’ settings, including some stuff from Wordfence. After purging everything, I’ve set up a new application password and connected Ulysses. Couldn’t find anything through Google about this issue being caused by caching. That’s why I’m leaving this here, just in case someone else needs it.

The conclusion is: If you’re using Wordfence, LiteSpeed Cache and want to publish stuff through Ulysses, yet you get a “connection refused” error even after you’ve allowed application password authentication in WordFence, try and purge the LiteSpeed cache.


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