Rewriting everything




I’ve started writing this trying to remember how eleventy works, as I forgot that I had a digital garden thingy. I tend to forget stuff like this: too much time spent in front of screens.

I had a short vacation which was beneficial. I needed to get away from screens, at least for a few days. I am feeling some sort of technology fatigue, and what I previously considered to be a sign of inatentiveness, now I think it’s related to the amount of time I spend in front of a screen.

I am trying to look more at the things I spend my time doing. I’ve reduced the amount of social media to a minimum; I can not be in a mental state where everything I read/watch is a distraction or something that tries to grab my attention.

With limited access to internet – mostly because of the slow connection I had where I went – I downloaded some music and some documentaries from DW. Watched the documentaries on the train, helped me to pass the time while the train was having a 3 hour delay.

I’m rediscovering listening to music in “full albums”, not just singles. Found 3 albums from totally different types of artists and I am enjoying them. My favorite is “Cover songs in inferno”, by Francoiz Breut and Don Nino. I’ve also listened to IX, the first album from HOST (a band with members from Paradise Lost).

I haven’t read that much during the vacation, but before that I’ve managed to finish a few books on Kindle, including the first two books from the “Discworld” series by Terry Pratchett.

Now I’m trying to figure out ways to configure my site to work with eleventy. Speaking of, I’ve added “types” to the notes, based on their status. So now my notes will be categorized into seeds, growing, budding, flourishing, and notes that need pruning. Trying to go all the way with the digital garden metaphor. Besides that, I’m rewriting some stuff, and adding some automations. It’s interesting to see how this digital garden grows and updates; hope it doesn’t turn into a mess.


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